Ways to recover your hacked Twitter account

Most of the users find problem in log in to their twitter account such as like log in credentials lost but hacking is found to be the most severe problem which will impact more on the users account. When you face any log in problems in your twitter account then just check following three signs are happening on your  twitter account and when you want to recover Twitter account just do these things you will get to know that whether your twitter account is a victim of spammer attack or not.

  • Peculiar activity on the twitter account – After logging in to your twitter account by entering your password then checks your settings, if you notice any bizarre activity that is not done by you then watch out the activities of your account. The activities includes tweets you didn’t post, direct message that you didn’t send, follow/unfollow of people that you don’t have an idea. Check your direct messages and tweet history to ensure if there is any problem with your twitter account.
  • Check login sessions – After the Facebook and Google, now twitter allows its user to see all the devices that are logged into the account. Now the twitter has introduced a latest security feature that allows the user to know that which device and app are accessing your twitter account.
  • You can’t log into your twitter account – If you long into your twitter account by entering the correct password even though if your access is denied then there is a reason to worry. Once the hacker hack your account then he will be changing your credentials often. Twitter will be also sending you a notification mail which you are using for the twitter access by this you can get to know that your account has been hacked and then you can take necessary steps to recover Twitter account.

What to do if your twitter account is hacked?

In order to avoid hacking of your twitter account, think before sharing your twitter account password to your friends or in any application site because twitter never asks the user to enter their passwords so, be aware of this kind of security information. If you find your email id is changed then send a support email to the twitter and let them will know that your twitter account has been hacked and by providing the original details you can recover twitter account. In order to process this twitter will be requiring your details such as like email address, account name and information about your last log to your account.