Lie Detecting system  – A Comprehensive Overview has built a reputation of a reliable provider of lie detector testing services in the Great Britain.

The History of lie detection is from the ancient times. The lie detector testing differs from that of ancient times to nowadays. Recent times polygraph is used for the lie detection. This test records and measure different physiological changes like blood pressure, respiration, pulse etc. The underlying belief in the polygraph testing is that if a person is trying to tell lie, his physiological actions    will change which can be associated with the deceptive answers. It is used as an interrogation tool which is popular. These tests are conducted by certified and licensed polygraphers who come under the regulatory system.

Polygraph test – The procedure adapted

The procedure adapted in the polygraph test is that interview sessions are held. Firstly pre interview test is held to gain familiarity and get some basic information. After that stim test is conducted. The question asked is deliberately to tell lie. The real test starts when firstly they are asked irrelevant questions, then they are asked diagnostic questions and later they are asked relevant questions. However sometimes there is a risk of innocent being found guilty. There are criticisms on the control question technique and various alternatives like guilty knowledge test, concealed information test can be used. The purpose of the test is served better if the physiological response or anxious is more in the diagnostic questions than in the relevant questions.

Polygraph test – The criticisms Involved

There are so many criticisms related to polygraph test questioning the validity of it. The efficiency of the test is debated but also it depends on the situation. The validity depends on the questioning techniques used as some times the innocent may be proved victim. Though this lie detector testing is popular and widely used, it is just an investigative tool to retrieve correct information. The polygraph test is not scientifically proven. The error rate of the test is highly unpredictable. Polygraph relies more on the conclusion given by the examiner, so personal bias and the human errors may mislead the results.

Polygraph test – The countermeasures taken

There are so many counter measures followed by the victims to pass the polygraph test.  There are two types of countermeasures one is general stat e and the other is specific point which are used to mislead the examiner. The general state is used to alter the examinees physiological and psychological intentions to increase the length of the test. The specific point is used to alter the examinees physiological and psychological intentions at specific point to increase or decrease the emotions for specific questions. According to law these tests are illegal if they are used to give employment, insurance policies, financial assistance and many more like these.