How to recover your Instagram account?

You get hooked to social media apps like Instagram for sharing pictures and videos with your friends, see what your friends are up to and for personal gratification. Instagram like any other social media platforms comes with issues of disabled, deleted or hacked accounts. We will show how to recover an Instagram account on these three scenarios.

1. How to recover an Instagram account if it is disabled

First, remember that your account could be disabled for many reasons such as

  • Excessive activity using bots or some special software
  • Massive likes and comments in a short time by spammer bots
  • Copyright issues or posts with trademark
  • Disabled due to violation of terms of agreement

If you think your account has been disabled due to any of the above-mentioned reasons or disabled by mistake, you can contact Instagram team and appeal the decision.

Secondly, you might have temporarily disabled the account, in such case you can simply login without any hassle.

2. How to recover an Instagram account if it is deleted

Many users should understand the difference between disabled and deleted. Disabled account can be retrieved back; however, a deleted account is impossible to recover. You can bid adieu your username and password forever. However, you can retrieve you temporarily deleted account. For temporary deleted account, follow the steps

  • Login to your Instagram app from phone or computer
  • If having trouble, select “Get help signing in”, in computer it will appear as “forget” in the password field. Click to reset your password.  By resetting your password, you are good to go. This might look simple but you have to try a bit to recover your Instagram account.

3. How to recover an Instagram account if it is hacked

Hacking is common in the online world. What in case if your account is hacked? Do not be disappointed but quickly get in to action

  • Visit Instagram help center for hacked accounts and you will see a form
  • Choose ‘My account’ in the first section
  • In second section choose “No” for you cannot login
  • Enter email address other than one used with Instagram
  • Type username of your hacked account
  • Enter email associated with the hacked account and choose “This account includes pictures of me”
  • Click “Someone I don’t know”

After filling the form Instagram, team will contact you to show some proofs for authenticity. After providing the necessary details, you can know how to recover an Instagram account in 24-72 hrs.