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How To Build A Campfire For Cooking

A fire is an integral part of any camping, backpacking, hiking, or survival situation and campfire meals are always something that every camper looks forward to at the end of the day. No matter how exciting or fascinating the scenery, there is nothing like gathering around a roaring fire to share stories and cook a meal on the campfire. However, nowadays the freedom to cook over an open fire has become a privilege only available in certain restricted camping areas due to fire hazards and declining wood stocks. This calls for the utmost respect and caution from campers and it is essential to know how to build a campfire safely.

Always make sure that you have a fire extinguisher or at least a bucket of water handy. If the conditions are very windy, make use of a fire shelter to prevent sparks from flying and starting a bushfire.

Building a fire seems like a simple task, but many people struggle to build and start a fire. It is, of course, easier if you are prepared with the right materials like dry matches, but in survival camping situations you may have to learn how to start a fire without matches. Whether you are building a campfire to provide heat or for cooking, here are some handy hints to make the task easier. (more…)